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Every non-hyperbolic tweet is from iPhone (his staff).
Every hyperbolic tweet is from Android (from him).
— Todd Vaziri (@tvaziri) August 6, 2016

I continue to fail to see what people see in him.

Opening copy reads :

One of Apple's largest component suppliers, Samsung Electronics ...

... not could have (should have ?)

One of Apple's largest competitors, Samsung Electronics

... because the article is ALL about safety in Samsung's semi con factories and clearly reads ...

That year, and every year since, tech media outlets have regularly suggested that there was no real difference between Apple's iPhone and the manufacturing of much lower margin Android products, which cut corners and take expedient shortcuts to deliver cheap products.

Read All About It At Apple Insider - who should not be using such stupid click bait headlines and opening copy in their articles.


Heh - GREAT News - Adidas is bringing jobs back to America. See - it can be done.

Read All About It.

'Caveat Emptor' ... 160 jobs actually - and unclear what those jobs will be - because the manufacturing is being done by robots.

I keep telling you .... those jobs are not coming back.

It’s that time of year I guess ..... another birthday. The Newton launched 23 years ago - two years after the World Wide Web.

One an unprecedented success that nobody saw coming ... the other demonstrating exactly the same thing - but with lousy timing.

“Really,” Steve said, and waited.
“ ‘Does she want a job at Apple?’ ” I said, quoting his e-mail.
“A joke,” Steve said.
“I know.”
“Like this meeting,” he said.

Get the context .. it's a great read. And that last line in the quote above - like a rapier!

#VRM #PeoplePower

Maybe the best thing to do is to start unilaterally giving the users more power over their own online presence. Stop trying to own everything. Because there's no way to win that game. Even if you win you lose.

Read All About It via @DaveWiner

How safe do YOU feel flying in these planes, given that they can barely keep the electric on?

Cringely nails it.

Doesn't a $7.75 Million fine seem like a drop in the bucket - I bet it is less than the money they made.

particularly since ....

Last year, Sprint and Verizon paid out a combined $158 million to settle similar billing practices.
Read All About It - Apple Insider

Today’s news is just formal confirmation that the TV guys really don’t want to give away their best stuff for free.
Or, more precisely, they’d prefer that you pay twice when you watch their stuff: Once with your credit card, via some kind of pay TV subscription, and again with your attention, when you watch the ads they sell.

Read All About It

Privacy by design: Only Apple could make “differential privacy” sound cool.

TechCrunch Talks ... and 

what Apple recognizes more broadly is that consumer trust (fueled by privacy) is the killer app.


Love it ... via Gizmodo

Hadn't realized that there was such visceral dislike of Keurig - but there you go - the power of the Internet!

Dumbing down. You read about it a lot. Just the other day, someone told me that a recruiter had mentioned to them that they should 'dumb down' their resume. 

"You use words that are too long and nobody understands what you are talking about."

How sad - particularly since it seems that  there might be a reason.

Of course, if language, vocabulary and and use thereof was one measure of how dumb you might be take note that Wikipedia reports that ....

It has been estimated that the vocabulary of English includes roughly 1 million words (although most linguists would take that estimate with a chunk of salt, and some have said they wouldn't be surprised if it is off the mark by a quarter-million); that tally includes the myriad names of chemicals and other scientific entities. Many of these are so peripheral to common English use that they do not or are not likely to appear even in an unabridged dictionary.
Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged, together with its 1993 Addenda Section, includes some 470,000 entries. The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, reports that it includes a similar number.

Imagine the problem that we have when 

A Native-level fluency of a language is estimated to be between 20,000–40,000 words, with basic conversational fluency possibly requiring as little as 3,000 words.

i.e. if you use somewhere in the order of 5 to 10% of a language to communicate your written ideas - you are considered fluent.

There's this one, and this one and this one and this one and that is just me randomly searching on the good that London Taxis do - and have always done - for all kinds of people. If you track this stuff you know it.

Distressing then to see this headline :

Uber driver will see his son compete in Rio thanks to passenger

from CNN.

I mean it is a great story - but seriously Taxi DRIVERS are now the charity case - that is what Uber is doing to society.

And this is the REAL first web site .... Tim's (the other one) one blush

The Tory-graph


Patently Apple

Interesting that Revolver is as fresh as ever 50 years later - and yet 25 years later, Tim's site is a novelty!

Gorgeous ... and unusual to see Wilson do a Tree track solo ....

It's extraordinary to think that Mercedes can get away with charging $249 to update the maps in their sat nav systems.

It's even more extraordinary to think that there are people out there that will spend that money - to do that thing.

My phone has better maps. Your phone has better maps. And they are free.

I know right? I am just as confused.

I just read this .... the headlines reads ....

Simply not credible: The extraordinary verdict against the body that hopes to run the internet
Independent review tears into ICANN board and staff

Hmm - I know nought about ICANN really. Of them - sure. 

I do know that they are the dudes I have to prove my existence to every now and then for the domains I own. Except - I never can, because for me their email alerts do not work. And then I write to them with a ticket. And they tell men to do what I just did. And after a few back and forths - they say  Ok - your fine - and lift their restriction. 

So yes. Definitely problematic.

.. available for the rest of us in September.

Upon its original vinyl release Transience reached #3 in the UK vinyl charts and made history by being the first release to chart solely on vinyl sales this century. 
The Speaker of the House, the Majority Leader of the Senate, senators like Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio, governors like Chris Christie and the now-trapped Mike Pence, figures from the past like Rudy Giuliani — every one of these people knows what is wrong with Donald Trump, and every one of them will be telling us as of November 9 that they were never really with him, they always saw what was wrong, how did this ever happen? But for now, every one one of them is saying, Vote for Trump!

Read All About It at the Atlantic.

People update the Operating System (OS) in their smartphone more often than they update their own brain.

Gerhard Gschwandtner (at last week's Sales2.0 Conference)

via Kurt Shaver

...He HAS to be referring to iPhone users - because over on android ....

90 percent of Android devices are running an outdated OS

... on second thoughts - maybe that is about right ...

I don’t fit this particular edge case in any of the scenarios described - BUT - in case you are wondering why some of your stuff ain't synching - this might give a clue

Just read What Is The Data-Driven Organization? - a great collection of  interesting acronyms for how organization think about how they COLLECT MY DATA.

Personally, I would much rather organizations think more about data CONNECTION, rather than COLLECTION. That is so much more in keeping with the future –  it is after all my data – not the corporations.

I would also be more than happy for on organization to connect to my data – if we can first agree mutually beneficial terms that I am privy to in advance.

Digi.Me is one example of an organization that thinks this way. There are many more.

Move along now. Nothing to see here. (For you anyway.)

One of the challenges (for me) with 1999 is the inability for me to easily search for content txt I posted (say) two months ago. TO be fair - this is one of my does on Facebook - and contributed to my leaving. (But not the prime reason.)

Enter IFTTT and DayONE.

I use DayONE as my daily journal. It runs happily across pad, phone and mac. It is pretty powerful and allows me to search and tag and add pictures and links and .... pretty much whatever you like.

IFTTT - is a rules based system.

Here's the rule I have in IFTTT .... every time I post an entry into 1999, IFTTT posts a synopsis and a link to the original post into DayONE.

I can now search DayONE for what I am looking for - and voila - there;s the link back to the post.


I have been clearing out my cupboards and found a great post from Om Malik, who in turn was clearing out his cupboards ....

I have been frustrated by the vanishing quality of blog posts, which either are nothing more than marketing drivel, self promotion passing as intelligence. I can understand that, but I can’t seem to comprehend the laziness of news posts which seems to have the nutritional value of a TacoBell meal. It seems no one remembers or knows what makes a great blog post and how to write them.
I don’t think what makes a great post has changed. And when cleaning out an old folder on Google Drive, I came across the draft of this email I would send to all new writers and reporters who came to work for us at GigaOm. I thought I would share this – it isn’t doing anyone any good sitting there in a drive.

And Here It Is .... with the conclusion of 

The 3Cs of a good blog post

1. Coherent

2. Clever – thought, analysis or just the quote.

3. Cryptic

If you like music, this is a fascinating flip on how we usually think about bands.

Click through and for any year it will tell you who the most famous band that was formed in that year. Interesting because why? 

Well - though I am not a fan of (say) OASIS - I had kind of expected them to be on the list. But they're not, because the same year that they were founded a little band from the South also got going ... Radiohead. a LOT more famous.

I was also surprised to see that Pink Floyd was not only the most famous band to have formed in 1965 - but actually to be the most famous band form the 60s .... really? The Beatles? Zeppelin? 

And then you think ... The Beatles were formed in 1957 - and yes they were the most famous band formed in 19657 - and indeed there 50s - and of course Zeppelin formed in 1970.

So how do we measure 'famous'? Turns out it isn't really that rigorous - but it's a start ...

'PrettyFamous' created a customized Band Score on a scale of 1 to 100 based on a weighted average of a band's Wikipedia page views in the last 30 days, page views of album releases and total number of Spotify followers.

BTW - The Beatles most popular song on Spotify ?

Here Comes The Sun.

Take that Lennon / McCartney.

I wrote this piece on Criminal Justice Reform a couple of  weeks ago.

Delighted to see this from The Marshall Project just published today ...

The Overlooked Promise in Hillary Clinton’s Speech - A call for criminal justice reform.

In a single brief sentence, Clinton broke one of America’s oldest political taboos, pledging to “reform our criminal justice system from end-to-end, and rebuild trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.” 
This might seem like an offhand mention, or just another Democratic candidate embracing the latest civil rights issue. 
But past candidates, when they talked about criminal justice at all, were quick to declare a “war on crime,” and slow to acknowledge any real problems in the system.Clinton’s speech represents a real break with that legacy — and voters are entitled to demand real solutions to match her call to action.