How To Write A Good Blog Post - Om Malik
by People Power Monday, August 1, 2016

I have been clearing out my cupboards and found a great post from Om Malik, who in turn was clearing out his cupboards ....

I have been frustrated by the vanishing quality of blog posts, which either are nothing more than marketing drivel, self promotion passing as intelligence. I can understand that, but I can’t seem to comprehend the laziness of news posts which seems to have the nutritional value of a TacoBell meal. It seems no one remembers or knows what makes a great blog post and how to write them.
I don’t think what makes a great post has changed. And when cleaning out an old folder on Google Drive, I came across the draft of this email I would send to all new writers and reporters who came to work for us at GigaOm. I thought I would share this – it isn’t doing anyone any good sitting there in a drive.

And Here It Is .... with the conclusion of 

The 3Cs of a good blog post

1. Coherent

2. Clever – thought, analysis or just the quote.

3. Cryptic