1999 ... meet IFTTT and DayONE - I think you will love each other.
by People Power Tuesday, August 2, 2016

One of the challenges (for me) with 1999 is the inability for me to easily search for content txt I posted (say) two months ago. TO be fair - this is one of my does on Facebook - and contributed to my leaving. (But not the prime reason.)

Enter IFTTT and DayONE.

I use DayONE as my daily journal. It runs happily across pad, phone and mac. It is pretty powerful and allows me to search and tag and add pictures and links and .... pretty much whatever you like.

IFTTT - is a rules based system.

Here's the rule I have in IFTTT .... every time I post an entry into 1999, IFTTT posts a synopsis and a link to the original post into DayONE.

I can now search DayONE for what I am looking for - and voila - there;s the link back to the post.