Finding the Good Stuff
by Ron Chester ★ Saturday, July 2, 2016

Doc Searls has started blogging with our favorite tool,, giving it well deserved credit for its easy to use interface, much better than Wordpress or Medium,  as well as for handling headlines correctly. I haven't used Wordpress in years and I've never used Medium, but I agree that is super easy to use.  And I totally agree about headlines. I often write my headline at the end, after I find out what my blog article is about. Dave's software lets you put the headline there when you're done and apparently other platforms make you decide on the title before you've written a word. It took an expert and frequent blogger, Dave Winer, to write the software the right way, and then for another one, Doc, to come along and notice this big advantage of, which he then pointed out to us.

I don't know him personally, but with a name like that, you gotta call him just "Doc," right? I've noticed him using very early versions of Dave's blogging platforms in the past, before anyone else but Dave could use them. But this time he's using the same officially released version of the software, on the same server Dave provides, that I'm using here. 

He always has interesting things to write about, sometimes way over my head, but still very informative, so he's definitely worth following, just like Dave. His very first posting was a real humdinger about a recent talk that Maciej Ceglowski gave about surveillance capitalism. MC developed Pinboard, an essential tool I use every day to collect bookmarks for great stuff I find on the Internet. I've read other talks he's given before and they were brilliant. This one is too. 

It's obvious from the start that he knows a lot more about this computer stuff than most of us and he always writes with humor. But he has a conscience too and this time he's warning us to pay attention to what is happening with computers. It's very illuminating, but kinda scary too. Go read it!

See, it's not just about keeping the web open, it's also knowing where to look in the nooks and crannies of the web to find the good stuff.