Uber Hoodwinks Regulators Again
by People Power Friday, July 29, 2016

Cheap settlement to sort it out this week - wonder what the demand will be next week

The records Uber and Lyft are touting have been hard-won, expensive and occasionally bumpy. To reach the truce, Uber paid $350,000 into a trust to settle charges by the Philadelphia Parking Authority that the company had been operating in the city without regulation. To meet demand this week, both companies offered some drivers guaranteed minimum pay at peak times — $21 to $27 an hour for Uber after drivers in Cleveland complained of low earnings,4 $20 for Lyft — and neither company would say if they’re turning a profit. Riders had to wait an hour or more for an Uber from the convention on Monday night. And road disruptions have made the companies’ sometimes optimistic wait-time estimates particularly unreliable.

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