Steven Wilson Dedicates Lazarus to Prince and Bowie
by People Power Tuesday, July 12, 2016
From The UK
Following Opeth at their best would be a tall order for any accomplished musician and whilst Steven Wilson doesn’t quite manage to match them, the former Porcupine Tree frontman makes a damn good fist of it. With the majority of the set made up of songs from his fantastic fourth solo album, Hand. Cannot. Erase. he was never going to pale into insignificance and the material from that record sounds particularly transcendent, with Routine and Home Invasion both being solid highlights. The new material especially benefits from the surround sound and given that it’s an experience the majority either can’t afford or simply do not have space for in their own homes, it’s mad to think that more artists aren’t employing its use as a means to get people to live gigs. The crowd here are treated to four Porcupine Tree songs, including Lazarus (dedicated to David Bowie and Prince) and Sleep Together, but it’s a testament to Wilson’s dynamic latter work that most of the best moments come from his material away from that band. Everything from the agitated industrial stomp of Index to the gorgeous, heavenly, transcendent closer, The Raven That Refused to Sing remind us that, incredibly, Wilson’s best work may still be ahead of him.