The Doomsday Blogger
by Ron Chester ★ Saturday, August 8, 2020

This morning it dawned on me that a blogger I've been reading for years has become The Doomsday Blogger. This happened with him in 2016 too, during the run-up to the election. He was a big supporter of Hillary, the most hated woman in America, and he wanted so much for her to win. As it got closer & closer to election day, it seemed to me that he was losing it, writing very strange things, "the Martians are coming!" sorts of things. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer and stopped reading him, for many months, maybe even years. Then I started checking on him every so often and he seemed to be getting back to himself, so I started reading him regularly again.

But now it has started happening again. Now it's another election, but it's the pandemic too. He had moved out into the country, so he's in a very safe area as regards the virus. But it seems like it's all he can think about or write about now. This morning I realized he is just giving me stress with his Debbie Downer writings. I've been concentrating on lowering stress in my life and suddenly I realized that recently he has been the biggest source of stress in my life! So once again I'm gonna skip reading his blog.

Meanwhile I've been really enjoying reading the archives of my favorite ham radio mailing list. I'm reading in 1993, the first year of the archives and saving the best stuff as I go along. I'm gonna have to get a website set up with my ham radio domain for some of this stuff.