Original 13 Colonies On the Air
by Ron Chester ★ Thursday, July 9, 2020

 In our ham radio world, we celebrated the 4th with an annual special event that lasts several days each year, July 1-8. Hams from each of the original 13 colonies get on the air all over the ham bands and everyone else contacts them. It's just a quick hello, with signal reports & a statement of what state we're each in. It's a very popular event, both fun and addictive. I made 32 of those contacts, all on Morse Code. They're available on lots of other modes too (voice, digital modes) but I stick to Morse Code as it is the most fun. It is an outstanding way of getting in to the moment and staying there, because with code at 20 to 30 words per minute, you must stay in the moment to keep up. It is super effective for me and I never get wet from the rapids in a canoe.

In several days of doing this, not one discouraging word was heard, not even once. A great way to celebrate America and Americans.