I Like Old Tools That Work Well
by Ron Chester ★ Monday, September 4, 2017

Today I noticed that Andy Sylvester's River of 1999.io Bloggers now consists almost exclusively of Doc Searls and Frank McPherson. But Doc is on fire and posting often. Well I certainly don't mind being tangled up in that stream!

How do these tools go in and out of fashion? Maybe some just want to be using the newestfangled tool possible. (Yes, I made up a word.) I tend to go in the opposite direction. I like old tools that are easy to use and produce nice looking results. Like 1999.io. 

There's no character count here. No knowledge of markdown required, but you can still use bold and italics, not to mention titles and other formatting niceties.

Maybe the youngsters would say I'm Old School . . . or maybe just Old. 

BUT I'll let you in on a secret, Jack Baty has started using 1999.io again as well. Maybe Andy will add him to the stream. I hope so.