Embed a Tweet Inside a Blog Posting?
by Ron Chester ★ Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Suddenly there are new tools for embedding Tweets inside blog posts at Twitter Publish.

I put in the URL for one of my tweets, copied the code that it gave me, plopped that into a blog posting using the Insert HTML command and . . . got a mess that didn't look like my Tweet at all. So it's not working (for me at least) in our favorite blogging tool, at least not right out of the box.

Of course I can link to the Tweet easily enough, but embedded in the blog posting would be nicer. Hey wait, there's always been a way of doing this. If you click on the More button for a Tweet and then click on Embed Tweet, Twitter gives you the code to paste into a blog posting for that Tweet. But following these old fashioned instructions don't work for me in 1999.io either. Drats. 

I'll bet Dave Winer will be trying these Twitter Publish tools as well. Perhaps we'll get an update to 1999.io that makes it work for us. OR . . . I might just be doing it wrong! That's possible too.