Thai People Love Nelson S. Howe
by Ron Chester ★ Monday, May 2, 2016

He lived in Bangkok for three years, making funny videos about life in Thailand which the Thai people loved. The first one in his Bangkok 1st Time series has been viewed nearly four million times. Now he's back in Brooklyn and a friend of mine who used to blog from Thailand, but now writes from Cambodia, posted one of his NYC images, which led me to his Facebook page, which has received over 150,000 Likes. I suspect a high percentage of those are from Thai people.

This NYC image reminds me of the street people drawn in the 1960's by the great R. Crumb.

On Facebook he is described as a dance performer and teacher. Based upon his work from Thailand, I wondered whether this was a spoof. But not so, as there is video of him doing Latin dances, as well as reviews he wrote on Amazon about Latin music albums. As he wrote in 2014, "I'm 78 years old but still fabulous baby!" And he is! My role model for retirement!

Future Plans

"These days I don't have much money but I'm still planning to travel around Thailand by asking favors from strangers, and then post my story online to show how cool my trip is."  :railway_car: :computer: :thumbsup: :moneybag: