A Peaceful Temple in Thailand
Monday, April 25, 2016 by Ron Chester ★

We stopped to get a picture of this temple on Thamma-Chak Road in Chianat, Thailand, with rice growing in the foreground. At one stage of the growing season, rice has this gorgeous bright green color. That is not a pipe that seems to be coming down the mountain in the middle. Actually it's a staircase, for those who want to visit the Buddha image at the top. We decided to be happy with just having the picture.

I was inspired to try posting this large image by a picture that Jeffrey Kishner posted. Somewhere, Dave had written that you could post a small image (maybe 150 pixels wide) on the right corner of a posting. I have done that successfully a number of times. But I wanted to see whether I could also post a large image and now I've found that you can. The picture sits in the public folder of my Dropbox account. I got the URL of the image from there by clicking on the Share button, then changed the www in the URL to dl and plopped that variation of the URL onto the Set Image field in 1999.io. It worked!

If you look at the source for this posting, you'll see that the picture itself is not there, just the URL to Dropbox. I don't think we'd want to load up the json file with machine code for actual images that could make the file really big pretty fast. But all we're using here is that one URL line pointing to Dropbox, and we get to see the giant image in the posting. I'm pleased!

When rendered, I noticed the formatting of the text changed dramatically after the NOTE. I didn't change that on purpose. I was going to format the NOTE with Bold, but instead tried using H4 instead. Perhaps that header tag somehow caused the following text to be formatted differently. But dunno for sure.