1999.io vs Twitter
Saturday, April 23, 2016 by Ron Chester ★

Tonight I did a 1999.io posting about the Prince performance at the halftime show of Super Bowl XLI. It included some text about the rain and I had purposely set the enclosure so that the video would start right at the beginning of Watchtower, to focus on his dramatic performance from there to the end. I was very pleased with the way it came out.

I decided to post something similar on Twitter, using Radio 3. But when I looked over there, I found there were tons of postings about Springsteen doing Purple Rain in Brooklyn. With very few characters allowed on Twitter, I couldn't include what I posted with 1999.io and I didn't want to just link to the posting I had just written. So in the Tweet I suggested that maybe folks should watch Prince do his own song, and then provided the link to the same video, to start at exactly the same moment. This'll get 'em, I thought to myself!

Wellllll, when the readers clicked on the video at the bottom of my Tweet, it said the NFL had banned it from being watched there, so the reader had to click through to YouTube to watch it. The readers still got to watch the video, if they clicked through, but on YouTube the video started at the beginning, with a bunch of talk, talk, talk. Not at the point I had selected, the start of the very dramatic performance. It totally killed the mood.

For me it was 1999.io that provided the impact I was going for, NOT Twitter! To me it is a very stark contrast, a clear win for 1999.io.