Faculty work and the university home page
by Ken Smith Friday, August 12, 2016

(From a tweet storm.)

Curious problem: A university's home page is not designed to help faculty do their work. It serves other readers and other purposes.

Most universities don't have a second home page crafted for faculty work. A solo teacher pieces together links and news instead.

Obviously, a solo teacher's main work is research and teaching. Less well known: faculty together create the entire curriculum.

Yet there is no communications hub, no well-aimed, thoughtfully shaped links hub, no publishing hub, created for that shared work.

Instead, we have faculty meetings, an antique custom in which announcements are often read aloud to those who attend.

Discussions are held, sometimes without time to read and consider the issues ahead. An antique system full of old protocols.

Yet today publishing tools, linking tools, discussion tools are all around us, ready to be used.

Interesting problem, then: Choosing publishing tools to modernize and streamline the faculty's shared job of creating a campus curriculum.